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Water Filter

One important product that Jim Dandy highly suggests to customers is a water filtration system.

Our expert plumbers can install one in no time just call 206-633-1141 for more information and to set up an appointment. Water filters help eliminate unwanted elements such as harmful chemicals and toxins. Your whole home and business in Seattle, WA will benefit from a water filtration system. We can even replace old ones for a newer, more efficient filter. Jim Dandy's goal is to help create and install outstanding products and combine them with knowledgeable customer service for homes and businesses in the Seattle, WA area.

Benefits of Water Filtration Systems

Water filters are easy to install, and it also requires no electricity. It helps create softer skin and hair, and it is better than bottled water. Water filter systems help reduce sediment, rust, chlorine taste, dirt, and odor. They help provide clearer, cleaner, and better tasting water for the whole household. Filters reduce the taste of chlorine of the water in Seattle, WA while it instantaneously provides soft water. Experience the difference that it makes in the water that you drink and use every single day.

We have water filters that are designed for all your different household needs in Seattle, WA, from hard water issues such as stubborn soap filth and deposit to bitter taste or a bad chlorine smell. The filters treat your issue(s) right at the source, so you can enjoy the benefits of your water filter from every faucet in your house.

Water Purification

Water Filtration Systems vs Water Softeners

Water softeners and water filtration systems are two different things. Water softeners are specifically designed to remove hard minerals, whereas water filters are designed to remove an even broader range of contaminants. Iron, sediment, and chemicals are contaminants that are commonly found in water. They can, however, be combined in a single unit.

There are two types of iron that are found in water supplies in Seattle, WA. Ferrous, which is also known as dissolved or clear water iron, can be removed via oxidation or ion exchange. Ferric, also known as rust or red water iron, can be removed with a sediment filter. Sediment refers to particles such as dust, dirt, sand, rust, etc. that are visible in the water. They need to be mechanically strained out. Carbon filtration can remove most chemical contaminants. Chlorine is the most common chemical disinfectant found in municipal city water supplies, and they can be removed with a carbon filter.

What you should look for when choosing a water filter

  • Filter size: the bigger the filter the longer the service interval, and the more water and greater pressure will flow.
  • Flow rate: determines the amount of water that is available to run your bathtub, shower, dishwasher, etc. Flow rate is measured in gallons per minute.
  • Port size: the ideal port size on a whole house water filter is one inch.
  • Filter life: sediment filter life will vary depending on the sediment's quantity and quality.
  • Stand-alone carbon filters with carbon beds (as opposed to carbon filter cartridges) will only last much longer if they have a regular backwash cycle as well as a backwashing valve.

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Commercial and Residential Water Filtration Systems

There are so many positives about water filtration systems in your home and business in Seattle, WA. Chlorine taste and odor is reduced, leaving you with healthier and cleaner water to drink and use. You also get your money's worth when it comes to water filters. They help reduce contaminants providing protection to all water using appliances and plumbing fixtures throughout the home or light commercial or industrial applications. Water filtration systems are easy to install.

Clean Water

How to Get Your Water Filtration System

The first step to a new water filtration system is to locate and find out what exactly is in your water. You can start by getting a copy of your water quality report from the local water utility/authority in Seattle, WA. This quality report states the certain levels of contaminants that are detected in the water and how it compares to the EPA's drinking water standards. Then you need to decide what contaminants you want to reduce. There is no safe level of lead exposure in your water. To help reduce lead in your water, simply run the water until it gets as cold as it can get up to two minutes or so when the faucet has not been used for at least six hours. When choosing a water filter, consider filter types that best fit your family's budget as well as your family's water consumption. It is important to understand that not all filters can reduce all contaminants. There are water filters to fit all your needs.

Jim Dandy's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service in Seattle, WA ensures that we will get your issues taken care of. Our friendly dispatchers and plumbers will greet you and make sure that we get your issue taken care of as soon as possible. We will set up an appointment that best fits your schedule. We want to take care of you. Call 206-633-1141 for any questions and to set up an appointment.

Benefits of a Water Filtration System

One of the best things about our water filtration systems in Seattle, WA is that it requires little if any maintenance. It allows you to experience the benefits of filtered water throughout your whole home or business. They automatically flush, clean, and drain internal filters for a continuous supply of filtered water. Water filters supply excellent and healthy drinking water, and they also extend your appliance life. The filter-less technology has easy installation, and it also provides you with softer hair and skin.

Some benefits of using a water filter:

  • They provide better tasting and smelling drinking water by removing bacterial contaminants, chlorine, and more. Drinking clean, filtered water protects the body from overall disease and gives you better health in general.
  • In the long run, water filters are cheaper than buying filtered bottled water.
  • Water filters offer the last line of defense between the body and known toxins that may possibly be existing in your drinking water.
  • The convenience of filtered water from your tap provides healthy water for cooking as well as cleaning and drinking.
  • Water filtration systems provide the healthiest water for children, which is important because children have developing immune systems.
  • They greatly reduce the risk of cancers (such as colon, rectal, and bladder) by removing chlorine and chlorine byproducts from drinking water.
  • They remove lead from drinking water prior to consumption, which prevents this harmful substance from entering the body.
  • Water filters reduce the risk of gastrointestinal disease by more than 33% by removing cryptosporidium and giardia from drinking water.
  • A solid block carbon water filter can remove hazardous contaminants from drinking water while retaining healthy mineral deposits that balance the pH of drinking water.

For the whole home or business benefit and healthier, cleaner drinking water, call Jim Dandy in Seattle, WA to install a water filtration system that suits the entire household.