Hydro Jetting Service in Seattle, WA

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What is Hydro Jetting

What is hydro-jetting service and when would you need it? Hydro jetting in Seattle, WA is an effective way to clear clogs from pipes and is often used in commercial and residential sewer and drain repair for drainage systems that experience recurring clogs. With normal use, drains become clogged over time and inevitably will need drain cleaning. Debris, hair, grease, oils, food, and other materials may remain in a drain, hardening over time and creating stubborn clogs. For many of us, our first reaction may be to reach for the chemical drain cleaner. However, chemical drain cleaners are not always the best option, and you may end up doing more damage than good. The lye present in typical chemical drain cleaners can cause serious issues, including corrosion of your pipes over time causing weak spots and potential areas that can rupture.

How Hydro Jetting Works for Sewer and Drain Repair

For sewer and drain cleaning, our hydro-jetting service at Jim Dandy uses highly pressurized water jets to remove dirt, debris, and sediment from clogged pipes, without the use of chemicals that can cause damage. This process also blast-cleans pipes of mineral buildup from hard water, which often causes pipes to become porous, providing a perfect environment for clogs.

Our hydro jetting helps to maintain the strength and integrity of your pipes by smoothing the pipesí interior surface, making it harder for new clogs to form. Hydro jetting offers a viable option to chemical drain cleaners that will not damage your pipes, and is highly effective when it comes to clearing stubborn clogs. This process is also often used in Seattle, WA for sewer and drain repair projects to clear tree roots, grease, and non-water soluble materials from clogged pipes.


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Clogged pipes that result in plumbing emergencies are never anticipated and can pose a real threat to your home or business, personal belongings, and equipment. As the oldest and most trusted sewer and drain repair company and plumber in Seattle, WA, we possess the largest fleet of heavy equipment to handle virtually any emergency or any size job.

Plumbing Emergency 24/7

We offer emergency drain cleaning service to Seattle, WA and surrounding areas, and we will provide expert repairs for commercial and residential sewer and plumbing. When you are faced with a plumbing emergency or need sewer and drain repair or hydro-jetting service, call Jim Dandy to the rescue. We are happy to provide you with expert service at affordable prices.